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AT&T was a game-changer for me, offering lessons in designing within tight brand guidelines
It taught me patience in CRM and how to work quickly on Email Campaigns with strict deadlines. Above all, it gave me a profound appreciation for the intellectual property I worked with. Whether crafting assets for DC Films or designing emails for the GMC and NBA, each day was something new and an amazing challenge to uplift a more traditional brand!


My design journey has been rich with diverse projects for both large corporations and small businesses, shaping me into a creative and adaptable designer. I've immersed myself in digital realms, mastering CRM and the nature of social media campaigns. In print, I've created visually striking magazine spreads and marketing materials. My object designs, from innovative packaging to interactive installations and patented furniture pieces, blend functionality with aesthetics. This varied experience fuels my passion for tackling new design challenges with fresh, impactful solutions.

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