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Hello, I'm Pedro Bravo. As a designer and problem solver above all. I've spent the last decade refining my creative and technical skills across diverse media. By fostering trust among clients and peers, I've built a reputation for reliability and innovation. My passion for understanding global cultures fuels my creativity, viewing the collective human experience as my greatest asset. This drives me to craft innovative and thoughtful solutions, continuously pushing the boundaries of design.

For the past two years, my professional focus has been on video games as a Designer at ZAM AGENCY, the design and marketing arm of Tencent Games. I thrive in the collaborative environment offered, working across multiple teams to ensure the success of every project and drive the company's continuous advancement. Beyond work, I love spending time with my family and crafting unique drinks for friends.




I'm a designer for a fast-paced esports and gaming creative agency. My work involves developing and executing campaigns for emerging mobile games, creating brand identities, and collaborating with multiple teams to drive high growth social campaigns. I also play a key role in supporting our marketing team by conceptualizing and visualizing ideas for pitch decks and overall marketing strategies. Additionally, if needed I aid in vendor procurement, ensuring seamless execution of our creative projects.

Now - 2021


Drinking Lemon Aloe Water in Los Angeles, CA

Available for remote work, across the cosmos (or wherever there's Wi-fi).


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